Summit Technology Academy

What is Summit Technology Academy (STA)?

Summit Technology Academy (STA) is a shared campus of junior and senior students who come together for a half-day program as an extension of their home high school. Students seriously interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) related careers in a global environment apply to attend the Academy. STEM-related careers encompass network engineering, software development, cyber security, health science, biomedical science, nursing, digital media, aerospace, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, teacher preparation, and international studies. To learn more, please visit the Summit Technology Academy site by clicking here.

How do I plan to attend STA?

If interested in attending STA, it is helpful to plan early. Please see our early-planning-guide for more information on how to plan for STA.

What career focus areas are offered at STA?

Please refer to the career-focus-areas document for more information on what career focus areas are offered at STA.

Early Planning Guide

Career Focus Areas