Career and College Readiness

LSR7 provides resources focusing on college and career readiness for LSR7 students, parents, staff, and community.

Focused Learning

Focused learning involves successful completion of four related units of study. Each career path has several learning focuses. Focuses help students select their elective courses around a more specific career path. Students may complete coursework in more than one focus or take additional coursework with a focus to deepen their knowledge in their chosen career path.     

When do students choose a focus?

All students should have a four-year plan of study around a career path.  Beginning in the 10th grade, students will have selected a focus. Students can change a focus if they find this is not an area of interest.  Students are never locked into a specific focus.  

Focused learning was developed using the six-career pathways model and current courses offered to Lee’s Summit R-7 students.   A pathway is a method of searching for a career that fits your interests and lifestyle and then allows you to build academic courses around it. The pathway recommends individual high school courses – both academic and career-related – to concentrate on which are specifically geared toward the career you’ve chosen. All of this planning starts as early as high school and continues as you enroll in a college or university and decide on degree programs and classes needed to help you prepare for your career.

This is a guide to assist students, parents, counselors, teachers, educators, and others with resources around a particular career path. The pathways were designed by high school teachers, college professors, and professionals whose expertise lies in that particular field. These focuses are just a beginning; the plan is for focuses to change as the job demand and needs of our student population changes.  

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Career Pathways

Arts and Communication
Business, Management, and Technology
Health Services
Human Services
Industrial and Engineering Technology
Natural Resources/Agriculture
Career Readiness
 LSR7 gives several Technical Skills Assessments (TSA) and/or Industry Recognized Credentials (IRC) in our CTE courses throughout the district. These give students a competitive advantage or industry-recognized certification. Click here for a list of LSR7’s TSA-IRC’s. LSR7 also provides several work-based learning and internship opportunities. Please refer to the Programs of Study for a listing of those opportunities.

College Readiness

Articulated and Dual Credit is offered in many of the CTE courses. Please refer to the Programs of Study for a listing of those opportunities.

For more information on career and college readiness contact:
Tawni Boman-Meek
LSR7 Career Curriculum Specialist